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Other methods

Parameters in brackets are optional. As a general rule, you can't omit a parameter if the one following it is present. The only exception is the Offset parameter in NumGet, NumPut, StrGet, and StrPut. It can be omitted from the middle of the parameter list (together with its comma).

ArrPtr( Array ) — returns a pointer to the SAFEARRAY structure of an array. Bitness() — retrieves the bitness of DynamicWrapperX (and thereby the bitness of the process that is using it). Returns number 32 or 64.

LastError( [Flag] ) — if the function you have just called was registered with the "l" flag (last error), the method returns the error code obtained from a call to the GetLastError API made immediately after the return of the registered function. MemAlloc( Bytes [, ZeroMem] ) — allocates memory and returns a pointer to it. MemFree( MemPtr ) — frees allocated memory. MemZero( Address, Bytes ) — fills a memory block with binary zeroes. MemCopy( SrcAddr, DestAddr, Bytes ) — copies the content of one memory block to another. MemRead( Address, Bytes [, BytesPerGroup] [, GroupsPerLine] ) — reads a block of memory into a hex string, with optional formatting. MemWrite( HexStr, DestAddr [, Bytes] ) — writes a hex string to memory, converting it into binary form. NumGet( Address [, Offset] [, Type] ) — reads a number from memory. NumPut( Var, Address [, Offset] [, Type] ) — writes a number to memory. ObjPtr( Object ) — returns a pointer to an object. ObjGet( ObjPtr ) — retrieves an object by a pointer to it. StrPtr( Var [, Type/Codepage] ) — returns a pointer to a string. StrGet( Address [, Offset] [, Type/Codepage] ) — reads the string at the specified address. Returns a copy of the string. StrPut( String, Address [, Offset] [, Type/Codepage] ) — writes a string to the specified address. Space( Count [, Char] ) — creates a string (BSTR) of the specified length. Returns a string variable. VarPtr( Variable ) — returns a pointer to the VARIANT structure of the variable. Version( [Field] ) — returns the specified field(s) of DynamicWrapperX's four-part version number.