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Author: Yuri Popov
License: freeware
Latest version: (see the note about its installation at the bottom of this page)
OS supported: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (version also Windows 98)

DynamicWrapperX is an ActiveX component that you can use in scripts (JScript, VBScript, etc) to call: You also can: DWX was initially inspired by DynamicWrapper and written as an attempt to better implement the idea. Its code is not a modification of DynamicWrapper's code; it was written from scratch in the GoAsm assembly language.
Note for v1 users. If you want to replace it with v2, you have to unregister v1 first. Otherwise v2 will be installed in parallel and only available in scripts under its version specific name DynamicWrapperX.2. As a replacement, it will also use the generic DynamicWrapperX name.